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Since I order a lot from garcias I figured I would just save the credit for my next order which I tried to place tonight.

1) there's was no credit on file and once i went over the situation again I was told we will only refund you for 1 taco dinner because i received the chips and gac with no issues.

18 years in the food service industry and this was very sad to hear when i was originally told that they were very sorry for making me drive over 5 miles to get there and have NO MEAT on my tacos and that refunded my whole order is what they would do to fix their mistake.

Long story short, i cancelled my full order tonight and will be choosing a different restaurant in the future to satisfy my love for tacos.

I placed a pick order for a steak taco dinner chips and gac and also chips and salsa which the total was 19 dollars and some change.